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Development of heat-resistant nickel and niobium alloys for aviation and space technology



1) Heat-resistant nickel-based alloys are being developed using casting and powder metallurgy technologies together with «Institute for Problems in Materials Science of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine». Alloys provide strength up to 60 MPa at 1200 ° C with a uniquely high heat resistance.

2) Cooperation is developing with the Institute for Problems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the development of niobium-based heat-resistant alloys. Alloys have a higher heat resistance than nickel superalloys, and a significantly lower specific weight.

This makes the specific strength of alloys unique with an increase in the operating temperature of aerospace components to 1200 ° C. At 1200 ° C, long-term strength is achieved at 145 MPa on the basis of 100 hours. By joint efforts, a material was created which made it possible to manufacture a working body of a gas drive for a rocket wing on request of an enterprise from China. The material provides strength of 860 MPa at 1000 ° C with a specific weight of 6.4 g / cm3.

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